Registration of companies / branches / offices is often requested service of our company.

Our staff will provide you with a complete package of services related to the registration of document preparation, support in the registry and in the other state. Bodies of legal consent. Address, etc.


We also remotely possible to register a company. In the case of sending us a notarized power of attorney, you can open a company without coming to Georgia.


At the time of registration of the company standard it takes 2 days. If necessary, for 1 day in an accelerated form to register a company.

Price for registry LLC:

Register using the power of attorney (without visit Georgia) + consent to the legal address $ 650 

Registration in terms of standard + consent to the legal address of the company – $  500 

The registration includes:
– Company registration
– Opening a bank account
– Registration in the Revenue service (TAX)

for more details call +995599700902

+995 555 27 96 96

on the same numbers you can call with WhatsApp  




company registration